POLErobics 2

Here’s a nice photo of this week’s practice.

This week’s focus is on Arrow Pole and Killing Pole as shown below :-

The basic practice focused on doing the 2 movements while stepping forward. Its a boring practice no doubt but the reward in acquired skills especially power generation more than makes up for the drudgery.

First we did the drill. Up, down. Up, down.

Then on to the fun part. The connection between emptyhand techniques and weapon practice. How does pole practice assist in acquiring the ability to generate power? Its not how most videos that I have seen on Youtube puts it.

No, no. Our secret sauce is much simpler. Its basically what you see is what you get. Its finding the fine line between the practice video you see above and below.

In this video I am doing a 4-movement sequence as opposed to the 2-movement sequence practiced by my student. I am doing it more fluidly to bring out the core principles of dot and circle.

In between the not defined properly and blurred definition of the two videos is the sweet spot. When you hit this spot in your practice you will find you can do strong, sudden fajing. Its not even difficult, just a matter of nailing a few small details.

We do the pole, we do the emptyhand technique to help us see the connection. Then we try out in push hands to see what it feels like.

Before you know it, you’ve gotten it; that seemingly elusive goal of being able to fajing, said by many to be difficult but it is really very simple. Just nail the key requirements and its your skill, forever.

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