Success in learning is the sound of two hands clapping.

If you have the will to learn but the teaching is not up to the standard of guiding you to achieve your learning objective then chances are high that you will not succeed in your study.

This in a nutshell is my summary of one new student’s lamentation of his past learning. I should not be surprised as I am sure many of us have gone through the same learning pain before. Some of us are lucky and managed to go on to find a teacher who led us out of the learning maze onto success. Others just get stuck in learning purgatory.

To me the notion of learning to do programming is blah, not for me, too old to learn. But programming is a useful and in time to come, necessary skill in a world that is being ruled more and more by software.

The fear of learning to program is there, no matter how easy it might be claimed to be. Being of the older generation is no help. However, a recent meeting with an older professor changed my mind. He said that he used python language to create his software as it is the easiest.

Well, I always like python the palm from Yin Yang Baguazhang, just not necessarily python the programming language. But the professor just said its the easiest and I should know something about it if I am to have some dealing with his software, a necessary evil in the new market that has suddenly opened up by Industry 4.0.

But where do I start? Someone’s teacher once told me that if you really want to learn a guru will appear. Here I am, wanting, not that badly, but why not. So I did some basic research using Google (interesting info – Google, Youtube and Dropbox are built on Python language) and as luck would have it the search result throw up a page with an intriguing name.

Visited the page here. I like the claim of how Python programming is taught by doing rather than reading about theory. Tried out the free lesson and hey, its not as difficult or scary as I thought. Before I knew it I signed up for the Pro course and now I have one more thing to learn.

Learning by doing is important. I recently explained to a new student frustrated by his past learning that the best way to learn Tai Chi is by studying its application, solving problems posed by a resisting opponent. From the problem we can posit the strategy to use, examine what principles support the strategy, how to practice the principles (learn the form!) and then apply the principles.

You will fail at first, but at least you know why you failed. Its better than not knowing what is right and hence not knowing why you failed. Knowing why you failed enables you to keep trying and you will succeed eventually as long as you keep seeking the right path.

So I found a good website to learn Python programming. You can find a good place to learn Tai Chi too if you are not making progress due to obscure or impractical teachings. Just keep looking and keep wishing, maybe some genie may grant you the wish to succeed (don’t forget to put in the time and effort while you are at it).

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