Past Baggage

All of us carry some sort of baggage from the past.

Some baggage are useful but some are but obstruction to progress. The question is how to tell which baggage to lose and which to bring along.

Depending on the argument you can say that all baggage are useful until you come across a problem the baggage cannot contain. At this point you have to then make a call as to whether you should continue carrying the baggage.

Most Tai Chi practice share similar baggage. So whichever style you go for your past baggage will fit right in. Your own experience in applying the art will tell you whether ability to fit in is a good way to assess the usefulness of what you are learning.

So there you have it – using your Tai Chi to solve a combat problem will help you assess its usefulness. If you cannot solve a ground grappling problem then you know that what you know is useless. Then when you go learn grappling you should drop your past baggage.

On the other hand, if you learn another Tai Chi and the problem they posed to you is daunting for you to solve then you need to decide if you want to try to use your past baggage to contain the problem or learn their way instead.

The issue of past baggage is to teach us how to learn. If you know how to learn then you increase the chances of mastery.

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