Precision & Process

Do you want to be able to apply your Tai Chi techniques easily as if with little effort?

If yes, then you have to learn to be precise.

When you master the process then it appears that you are using little effort and everything seems so easy.

However, the learning requires a lot of mental concentration. Much of it focused on getting the small details down.

To do this take your time to learn to be precise. Work through the process. Understand why you have to do so and how to do it precisely. Don’t rush your learning, don’t try to be fast before you master the coordination.

Instead, work on the problem. Analyze the problem you are trying to solve. Frame the proposed solution. Examine its feasibility. See which part of what you have learned is related to it. Then bust your ass to put in the practice.

Such a practice is best illustrated by the use of separation, that movement just before we do Push in the 108 long form. The problem is how do we split the opponent’s arms to prevent an attack, uproot him and counter-attack with Push.

The entire process is made up of three steps – separate, uproot, counter-attack.

Process 1 – separate – use this to induce the opponent to loan you his strength. Minimize the use of strength by splitting his arms at the suitable angle.

Process 2 – uproot – the application of Process 1 will cause the opponent to inadvertently give you strength that you should borrow to uproot him. In Process 2 lies the trick of efficient use of strength, using the whole body with minimal movement, appearing to use only finger strength.

Process 3 – counter-attack – if Process 2 is carried out smoothly you can send the opponent flying strongly. You can pluck him off his stance or you can use Push.

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