Dim Mak Research

Interesting video on dim mak but I still have some issues over its use :-

The issues I have are :-

a) How do you demo that it really works without injuring or killing the person? With a normal strike I can control the speed, power and angle of the strike so that, example, one can feel how a slap would feel like.

b) And if it does work but the effect is delayed till the next day how does that stop the attacker now? Does this not defeat the purpose of concealing the fact that it is your strike that did him in in which case refer to (c)

c) If the dim mak strike can instantly stop a person why not just use a normal strike since this would be easier and faster to learn?

d) If the attacker is moving fast and all over the place can you really hit the spot exactly, not to mention hitting a few sequential spots?

Until I resolve the issues satisfactorily I will just stick to strikes using power.

Below is a picture of Master Cheong teaching me the use of dim mak :-

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