Power Training

Fajing training involves not just speeding up a movement in the form, gyrating the hips and shaking the striking arm.

Instead, fajing involves more than just power generation. You see, when you exchange techniques with a live opponent chances are he will not be compliant and he will not let you fajing him without him attempting to defend and do likewise to you.

We can start the fajing training by getting the basics right. An example of basic training with a partner is shown below :-

We train our fajing using small frame posture as this makes for a more mobile stance and facilitates quick hand movements.

Knowing that momentum is a key basic ingredient in getting the power out is not enough. You must know how when to accelerate and when to decelerate so as to optimize your body collision.

If the variable factors are not well controlled you end up with a push. When the variables are in place you can issue a crisp fajing that bounces and imparts heavy force that is potentially injurious.

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