Learning to Fajing 3

For the purpose of self-defense and combat its not enough to just push an opponent off balance.

Instead, we should also learn how to use force to injure a person. A simple learning method that we use is by learning how to apply a palm strike as shown below :-

Refer to page 105 to 110 for an explanation of the fajing model used in this clip.

The clip below shows how we can use the palm strike movement from Repulse Monkey for this training :-

To ensure that our use of the palm strike is practical means that we should not use too wide a movement when using it. The clip below shows how we learn how to keep our movement lesser :-

Not to mention that we should keep our palm relaxed and strike in a relaxed manner so that it feels like a whip in motion, sounds like a whip cracking and stings like a whip as shown :-

And yes, it really hurts ………..

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