The Success Intent

How do you make a success of your learning of Tai Chi? What factors are important?

If you ask practitioners you are likely to be told that style is important. So is lineage and that the teacher is a nice guy. You can tack on hard work, consistent practice and yeah, eat bitter.

Guess what? The above factors are important but not enough to ensure that you succeed.

If there is one single factor that can ensure that you succeed it is your mindset. Your intent to make your learning a success is important, far more important than you think.

When you consider it many teachers are good in what they do, many styles are well known, many lineages famous in one way or another, the student puts in the time to go to class, do some practice at home and catches up with friends to practice. Yet, mastery is elusive.

Why is this so?

Too many times I have met practitioners who despite coming from a famous teacher, established lineage and style could not quite figure out what their Tai Chi is about. They had to look outside the style, the school for information. Its kinda like you have to go and ask a motorcycle racer how to drive your race car.

Does this make sense?

Unfortunately, this is the state of affair, past, present and future. So what can you, the serious student, do about it, if you really, really want to master Tai Chi?

Read the full post here.

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