The first step is the hardest

When I hear the song “The first cut is the deepest” I automatically think of “The first step is the hardest” because they both rhyme.

Yes, the first step in doing anything is always hard because so many things stand in our way. Or maybe its more like a case of so many excuses to give to not take that first step.

To be lazy and procastinate is what we are naturally good at. To be hard working not so much.

Everytime I pass by this road Lorong Kebasi I wonder where it leads to. I always think of taking a drive down it to see where it leads. But I never do. I somehow find many reasons not to do so, not even take a look at the map.

Until this evening, I finally decided to take a look at the map and found that it leads to another road which leads to a dead end!!!

Some learning are like this, leading to nowhere. I used to observe this old art teacher in NAFA teaching. When asked how to draw he would say its difficult to say. Then he would sit and draw to show the student. But he didn’t teach, didn’t explain. Learning under him led the students nowhere. If they made progress it would be because of their own effort.

When learning under such teachers it is better not to learn in the first place. Waste of time.

However, when you find something worthwhile to learn then to not take the first step is to waste your time. Before you know it weeks, months, years have passed and you are still pondering on taking the first step. I see my students and wish they would master it faster. I am not getting younger and neither are they. I don’t want them to be old by the time they get it.

Learning Tai Chi seems to be an exercise in being frustrated when you can’t seem to get it. But then sometimes why do we work so hard on trying to explain everything. Instead, just enjoy the ride. If we can do it then its better than to be able to explain it but cannot do it.

Tai Chi is not magic but then it ain’t rocket science either. Somewhere along the line, with enough practice the understanding will come. Just don’t rush it because it will make you frustrated. Enjoy the journey and before you know it you will have arrived.

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