Last Tue (28 Mar) I met Mark and Janet; both Tai Chi instructors via Grandmaster Dong Zhenchen’s lineage. That makes us kinda like “cousins” in the Dong style.

Below is a clip showing GM Dong demonstrating his techniques on Mark :-

We talked shop and I had a chance to feel Mark’s hands which were solidly responsive, an indication of good learning under GM Dong.

But then I had already more or less expected this since it was watching GM Dong do his push hands and demonstrate the Fast Form once upon a time in a dim YMCA room that helped made up my mind to learn Dong style back then. Not to mention a short flight into the wall when trying to push hands with GM Dong.

A clip of Mark and Janet demonstrating Dong style push hands below :-

This is traditional type of push hands training unlike the “wrestling” type that is typically seen nowadays. Its good to see this type of training still ongoing and hopefully for years to come.

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