Flow & Change

Work sucks because it takes away my fun time. While I have a short break from work now let’s have some fun.

Unless you are doing a cooperative drill your partner / opponent will never give you a free pass. You want to apply a technique on him you gotta make him give it to you or force it on him.

When we apply Play Pipa while standing in the center of our opponent’s gate we have to capture his arm before we can apply the lock. The first thing to do is to capture his extended arm’s wrist rather than elbow so that your right arm can still do its job to protect you from his left fist.

As you flow into the position to catch his right wrist you need to carefully control the position and capturing motion. If your position is off he can run away and hit you. This is when your position must allow you to recover if you make a mistake. If you encounter resistance that stops you from capturing his wrist then you would go on to Plan B, perhaps a change of position and technique.

But if you die, die must play the pipa then you can change and flow until you get back to the position where you can grasp the pipa (opponent’s arm).

However, there are times you just cannot get back into the position you want because the opponent has put up a strong guard. In these type of instances you should just go with the flow, take what is given and just use it. An example of this is shown below :-

Sometimes when we train we will use a bit more resistance than normal just to see where it takes us.

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