Work That Kao!

It was an afternoon of rain, thunder and lighting. A change of weather from hot in the morning to cooling in the afternoon.

And a change in emphasis from using the hands to the body in push hands. This allows for a different insight to be generated. Kao is a powerful technique and working it can teach us how to use it.

In case you are wondering Kao can inflict pain. Just take a look at 0:48 in the video below :-

The Kao above is not as painful because the force is not focused to minimize the pain. To have stopping force the Kao should be used as shown in the video below.

The use of Kao can give rise to different training ideas such as how to use Kao to give a workout to our close range techniques as shown below :-

To test our Kao we pile on a bit of pressure by seeing if we can hold our position while the other person tried to do what he can to move us off.

Too many Kao can be boring so we end the training by working on strikes. The video below is continued in Video 12 of 12.


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