Update 21 Nov

Time flies really fast. The economy is supposed to slow down but yeah, tell them to customers who are keeping me busy with work.

In the meantime, I’ve been posting videos, lots of them to my Facebook page “Learn Tai Chi in Singapore and Youtube channel zenmindsword. Due to video length constraint I only posted shorter videos to Twitter and Instagram. Just trimming the videos and uploading them can take a lot of time, too much time if you ask me, leaving me with little time to write here. And the wifi connection really sucks yesterday and today making it a pain to upload the latest bunch of videos. 

Well, this is not good. I’ll have to see how to streamline things so that I will post to only one site and link to it. Logically this would mean posting to Youtube or Vimeo. I don’t like Youtube as much as I can upload in HD but downloading in HD is troublesome. For this Facebook is better but searching for a specific video is a problem.

For now I shoot informal videos by plunking the smartphone on a chair and just shoot. Not the best way to do it but it serves a basic purpose – a record of lessons for reference for students. I want to push them to succeed by getting them to see what they look like when they are doing the movements. Maybe in the future I could try putting a stand but unless someone is doing the shooting it will but improve marginally. Something to keep in view.

Have been exploring Patreon. Created a test page but not uploaded yet. Still a ton of things to think through. Too many things to do and too little time.

On another front SKD member, Melvin who is also an expert in Hung Gar came visiting while he is in town. Got a bunch of videos but thanks to sucky wifi they are still not uploaded. Here’s 2 clips that I managed to upload to Facebook :-

Man, its nearly 10 pm. What happened to my day? Yeah, a leisurely day became a day of running around from west to central to north and back again. Will write again once I have the videos up. Hope I don’t lose track of what I want to write about.

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