The Secret

When Sun Lutang was lying on his deathbed his daughter asked him the secret to master his style and was told “Practice”.

Life is unpredictable and I will use today’s technology to leave videos for my students to help accelerate their learning. They should not have to ask me one day what the secret is when I am waiting for the Grim Reaper. If my students still have to ask me then I would have been a selfish teacher and unworthy to be their guide.

A living art involves 1-to-1 transmission. This means not just telling you what to do but guide you by teaching and providing the feeling.

Some parts of what we do will not be on video for various reasons. These are the parts the student must remember in his mind.

For example, at the end of today’s 9 videos on learning how to apply Wild Horse Parts Mane we have an additional teaching to amplify and broaden what was learned in the videos.

What I teach in these parts of the lesson is unique to the student. Of course, I hope that everyone will get exactly the same information but this is not possible since no one is exactly the same.

However, everyone learns the same principles and most of the techniques. When students view the videos they will know this is the truth. This is the least I can do in terms of transmitting the art if we are fated to have a relationship.


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