Take the Step

Last week while making some videos for my 三拳道 FB learning group I made some videos on Beginning Posture for my student’s reference.

Here is the first one – just a demo :-

As a reminder remember to adhere to the steps in executing it viz :-

i) Begin by taking a moment. Align the three points (you should what it is by now, if not ask me again)

ii) Commence forming the base by separating the substantial and insubstantial. What intent to use? What is the qualia associated with this intent? What is the timing for moving the left foot? How do you connect? How do you get to the mid-point?

iii) How do you raise your arms? Where do you begin your intent?

iv) How do you rotate your arms? What is the intent device to train your focus and power?

v) How do you lower your arms? What is the intent? How does it help in training your arms to be heavy?

vi) How do you unify the body? How do you root? How do you focus your power by minimal movement?


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