Take the Step 6

This is the last video :-

This video explains why we learn the raising and lowering of arms as three separate rather than two separate movements.

The benefits can be readily tested with the help of a partner. If you try out the movements you will understand that learning how to fajing does not take years.

Instead, it is the learning of how to use fajing against an opponent, being able to adjust and change to fit the opponent’s reaction and resistance that take years to develop.

If you can keep your focus you will find that you can fajing after only a few minutes of instruction. The key word here is “keep your focus”.

Most students cannot keep their mind focused on the task at mind. Instead, their mind drifts. When this happens they lose their placing, the alignment goes off, the focus goes off and they cannot do the fajing by themselves any more.

Constant and consistent practice of the form is the remedy if you want to be able to do fajing on your own. How long this actually takes depends on how much time you are willing to put into practice and your ability to keep to the quality goals.


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