Stop a Crack!

How do you “stop a crack by rounding it off”?

This is a question raised in this tweet :-

What is its implications for push hands?

a) To answer the first question – a crack can increase if the tip of the crack is sharp.

To slow down the crack, a hole can be drilled into the material to make the crack less sharp.

This distributes the stresses over a larger area and over more directions, hence slowing the original crack from lengthening.

b) To answer the second question :-

i) Push hands attack strategy – find a way to create a crack in the opponent’s defense. Once you managed to create that crack do not allow your opponent to round his defense.

If you can achieve this then you will be able to increase the crack and break his defense wide open.

ii) Push hands defense strategy – when under attack keep your defense rounded and your opponent will not be able to wedge open your guard.

If he manages to insert the tip of his attack then instantly respond by moving in a spherical manner to a different direction and his attacking wedge will be deprived of a crack to widen.

Now you know why Tai Chi principles call for our structure and response to be rounded.

I realized all this sounds theoretical but they have practical applications. Its one of those things that you should keep applying after learning it and it will become second nature.

At that point and from thereon all will make sense.


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