Secret of Finger Power

On the first lesson with my student, R, I showed him my hand. I compared it to his hand where the knuckles are darker from the few years he learned Muay Thai. Then I jabbed him with my fingers to demonstrate to him the power that can be developed using the Tai Chi hand shape.

After the second lesson this week I was making a point about something and again “tapped” him with my fingers. Then he asked again if I had learned Iron Palm and I showed him my hand.

Today I have decided to unveil the secret of how to project power to your fingertips. The picture below is self-explanatory!!!


So you see sometimes we shouldn’t laugh at keyboard warriors because there is a benefit to all that typing after all.

Am I kidding?

Yes and no.

Typing a lot can help you to control your fingers and the amount of power needed to hit the keyboard. However, to practice projecting power to your fingertips you really need to practice your Tai Chi form properly using the correct hand shape.

To quote the famous Russian painter Karl Bryullov who said “Art begins where the tiny bit begins“.

Do not neglect the small details when you practice your Tai Chi form. Today you may think its inconsequential but it will affect the quality of your progress so do not, I repeat, do not overlook the small details.


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