The Baby Intent

Want to improve your Tai Chi skills?

An important secret is to practice, practice and practice some more even when carrying a baby!!!

Outwardly, it looks like I am carrying a baby but inwardly my intent is on something else.


This is what my intent is on, the spear that is between my hands! This is a transition movement from the 22-form which forms part of the Fair Lady Works at Shuttles technique as demonstrated below by Grandmaster Wei Shuren.


But since the mind is already on one technique why not a few more? Here’s another secret practice while outwardly playing with the baby.


This is a transition movement to Press from the 22-form. You can see how Grandmaster Wei Shuren does it below. The intent is on unifying mind and body using a sphere insertion movement.IMG_5537

Both movements have something in common – training the secret principle of expansion and contraction from Grasp Sparrow’s Tail.

The poor baby must be bewildered by what I was doing. Oh well, all in a day’s practice. The more you practice, the more familiar you are and the better the outcome of your skills eventually.


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