Tai Chi is like a drug. To stop the shakes consume more.

This is not a politically correct way to put it but it gets the point across. The point was made when my student commented that his hand started to shake after he had slackened his practice for a few days.

So I said Tai Chi is like a drug. And when drug addicts start to have the shakes one way to stop it is by taking the drug again. Of course, this is bad advice if I am talking to a drug addict.

But in the context of Tai Chi, if your hand shakes its because the tension has come back. So the easiest way to alleviate the tension is by practicing.

The mildly interested Tai Chi player is one who will never get far, if anywhere. This is because he did not spend enough time to replace his old habits with that of habits infused with Tai Chi principles.

On the other hand a serious Tai Chi player will keep working on the movements to the point where it is like a drug. You just have to practice every day, as much as you can in a day, chipping away at problems one step at a time, until you make a breakthrough.

So to be a success in Tai Chi you need to work at it like an addict. At least this is a good “drug” and does not harm you unless you practice it wrongly. So to keep your mind and body oiled, poised and working healthily take your daily dose of Tai Chi tablet.


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