World Tai Chi Day

28 Apr is the last Saturday in April. This day has been chosen to be World Tai Chi and Qigong Day to promote the practice of Tai Chi and Qigong.

When I went to scout for a potential new home last week my friend, S, mentioned to me that I could start a Tai Chi class in the area since they do not have any group there. Teaching a group class is not really my cup of tea but if I were to teach a group class what would I teach?

Certainly, not Tai Chi Chuan for combat because the typical student who comes to a public class couldn’t care about fighting. Typically, such students tend to be older and in need of some exercise with a dash of socializing thrown in.

However, to have a Tai Chi class that is like a normal exercise class is self-defeating because students tend would not get the benefit of a proper Tai Chi experience even if they never practice it for combat.

We tend to think of Tai Chi for health and Tai Chi for combat as two separate entities. But why should they be?

If anything, health is the flip side of the combat coin. They should be inseparable. Why do I say this?

The reason is simple. A proper combat posture that is built on proper use of intent is conducive for health. We can think of the relationship between health and combat as follows :-


The principle behind the above is simply this – if you do a posture without the requisite intent then you have to throw in extraneous stuff like breathing patterns and what not. A Qi Health Posture can be practice and cultivated with three key intents.

That’s right. Three key intents. Most Tai Chi learners would know what they are. But if they are not reminded to diligently practice their posture with the three key intents it is as good as if they never learned them.

The Qi Health Posture enables you to cultivate the following :-

i) Good posture

ii) Sensitive balance

iii) Internal alignment

When you put the Qi Health Posture to work by practicing it together with movement-based exercises derived from the Tai Chi form they will give you a good workout.

If you are into combat practice the Qi Health Posture will lay the foundation for essential habits that you can use when learning how to apply the art.

This is why for a group class I would make Qi Health Posture the cornerstone of learning because it is good for health cultivation and anyone who wants to go further in their practice can move over to learning combat without having to re-learn new habits, but merely to add on to what they already know.

OK, so much for dreaming. Move on to writing another post…………


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