Breathing Method

My new student who is learning Aikido asked about the use of mind to focus on dantian in doing techniques.

I said in Tai Chi we do not focus on dantian.


My other student who has learned CMA for a long time asked about breathing in Tai Chi.

I said in Tai Chi we do not breath in, nor breath out.


In both cases, a demo, or better still get them to do something to contrast the difference between being attached to something and not being attached to anything made for a better explanation than a lot of useless words trying to explain what could not really be explained.

In the case of breathing method, I did not made the above up. This is mentioned in Grandmaster Wei Shuren’s book on the 22-form when he said 不呼,不吸.

My student was perplexed because 不呼,不吸 sounded to him like not to breath at all. This is not correct. 不呼,不吸 simply means not to use a breathing pattern. Sometimes once something is explained it suddenly seems to simple.

Except now how does one train to achieve 不呼,不吸. And that is another story for another day. Actually, no, you don’t need a story, just practice, tons of it and all will be clear.


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