Learning To Be Soft 3

Oh, there is one more thing. R said he was told he has a problem with Nikyo, specifically when bending the body to apply power.

There are a few ways to do Nikyo, the version we examined begins at 2:34 in the video below :-

I offered my right hand to R. He grasped it. OK, one problem area.

He held my right wrist against his body. Noted second problem area.

R applied pressure. OK, I saw what his instructor meant. Simple problem to fix.

Before fixing the body bending problem it would be more fruitful to fix R’s grip and fixing of the fulcrum point. These two areas can amplify the effectiveness of Nikyo.

R’s grip is not precise enough, hence when he gripped my hand I couldn’t feel the pressure. No pressure, no pain. I showed him how to modify his grip to that upon gripping his wrist will be locked and twisted strongly, straightaway sending signals of pain to his brain. I wrote about this grip in a past blog so I won’t repeat here.

Grip done, fulcrum to go. The second key to a painful Nikyo is to immobilize the entire arm so that its range of motion is restricted, thus not allowing the pressure that is exerted on it to escape. Hence, pain.

Finally, once the above two issues were solved we examined the final part – how to bend the body. Specifically, where to bend so that a strong force can be applied. This is where the use of imagery from our Tai Chi form training is useful. Fix the imagery, play it out, now let the body do it.

And the problem of Nikyo is solved.


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