Kid Yourself Not

Slowly, ever so slowly my students begin to understand my point about not being caught up with fajing.

I think the message is hard to ignore when they get hit so many times despite trying to put up a fight when they play push hands.

Fajing is a tool and a tool has its use at the right time tackling the right problem. Fajing is not a universal tool that can tackle each and every problem.

Fajing is only useful when the opportunity is there to use it. Otherwise, it becomes a waste of energy to uselessly expand your strength on trying to use it.

If fajing is the only solution you need then why do all martial arts have techniques?

In fact, if you learn your techniques well you will find that firstly fajing is no big deal and secondly, if you don’t roll over and be a dummy the other person, master or otherwise, will have a hard time trying to fajing you.

Believe me or not, try it the next time someone tries to do a fajing demo on you. Don’t stupidly comply, or give passive resistance. Instead, react, actively resist, and so on and watch the epic fail.

Once you can put aside the thought of fajing as the solution to everything then you are on your way to learning a martial art properly.


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