BojiLite Drill 3

Our third drill is the Sao Chui drill which tests your mastery of in-situ body turning. This is because if you do not grasp the key principles of moving the body it would be difficult to execute the Sao Chui forcefully.

On top of this if you may find yourself losing balance if you try to perform Sao Chui with power and speed particularly when stepping in the Leung Yi Bo.

The Sao Chui is our knockout punch due to its forcefulness. When I first learned it I didn’t like it because I thought a circular strike would leave me exposed to a straight punch. But then I saw how Master Leong did it and it intrigued me.

So I put aside some time to investigate and play with it more over the years and here is the result of my learning to share with those who are interested in Pok Khek Kuen.


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