BojiLite Module 2, Lesson 5

In this lesson we work on the three levels of performing Yum Chui while standing in-situ.

In Module 2, Lesson 4 we had a look at the basic foundation of power in Yum Chui after which you should have tried out the lesson. In this lesson we expand on Module 2, Lesson 4 with a more detailed look at how to execute the Yum Chui with power.

At the base level power is derived from the formula F = ma whereby :-

F = Force
m = Mass
a = Acceleration

Translated into physical requirements this means that :-

a) You must be able to get the body’s mass behind your fist at the moment of impact

b) You must be able to move from zero speed to the top speed that you are able to achieve without compromising the coordination of your moving mass


So if you have a problem doing the above I would recommend that you go through the previous lessons again because they lay the foundation to enable you to perform at the level that this lesson requires.

Assuming you do not have a problem with the requirements of previous lessons we now move on to learning how to punch with power. There are three phases in the punching process :-

i) Turn the waist to pivot into the Leung Yi Ma

ii) Straighten the rear leg to begin the power thrust

iii) Align the rear leg-hip-body to snap the power out


The video below illustrates this 3-step process :-


The first two movements at the beginning of the video shows the 3-step process as three distinct steps. The rest of the video shows the execution of the 3-step as a smooth single step process.

Work through the Level 1 learning until you can execute the 3-step process naturally as a one step process. From here you can move on to Level 2 which calls for punching with distinct power.

The video below shows the Yum Chui executed slowly before speeding up :-

Once you can handle Level 2 punching with power move on to Level 3 which calls for you to punch hard, fast and consecutively.

Level 3 Yum Chui training is good for training your endurance and stamina. The ability to punch quickly and consecutively on demand will be useful when you learn application later.


Though Pok Khek is a modern creation, its roots are in traditional Chinese martial arts which calls for training our ability to :-

a) Move and change swiftly like flowing water

b) Be rooted like a mountain to derive power from the ground

c) Launch strikes quickly like shooting meteors

End of Module 2, Lesson 5. If you have questions or feedback post them to the BojiLite Learning Group on Facebook.


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