BojiLite Module 2, Lesson 3

After you have gone through Module 2, Lesson 1 to 3 we next move on to learning how to execute the Yum Chui.

Yum Chui is the first strike we study in Pok Khek Kuen. It is a linear punch performed using a horizontal fist while standing in-situ or moving in the Leung Yi Bo stepping pattern. The procedure for performing the Yum Chui is as shown below :-


The learning of how to throw the Yum Chui is divided into three levels. In this lesson we look at the first level.

At the first level we bring together what we have learned in Module 1 including the following :-

a) Use of the mental center as covered in Module 1, Lesson 1

b) The body alignment, coordination and timing learned from Module 1, Lesson 2


Therefore, the fundamental learning of the Yum Chui is basically an extension of the above lessons from Module 1.

Procedures for performing Yum Chui at the basic level :-

i) Assume basic posture

ii) Begin practice by turning to your right into a Leung Yi Ma and executing a left Yum Chui

iii) Repeat 50 times


Now do the exercise for a right Yum Chui.

Repeat the above exercise in the following manner :-

i) Assume basic posture

ii) Turn right and execute left Yum Chui

iii) Come back to the basic posture

iv) Turn left and execute right Yum Chui

v) Come back to the basic posture and perform left Yum Chui and so on for 50 times each side

Note – it is important that you take the time to execute each punch with proper form


End of Module 2, Lesson 3. If you have questions or feedback post them to the BojiLite Learning Group on Facebook.


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