BojiLite Module 2, Lesson 2

An inch longer, an inch stronger” so goes the Pok Khek Kuen maxim.

In this lesson we explore the primary arm configuration for linear strikes.

To optimize our punching power we want to do three things :-

a) Line up the three major points in the arm

b) Twist / rotate the body

c) Stabilize and ground the body to minimize power leakage

In this short lesson we will just consider the configuration for (a) since we are covering basics.


To explore the arm configuration follow the procedures below :-

a) Hold a fist and straighten your arm as if punching

b) Straightened the arm until the three points of Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist are aligned in a straight line

c) Lock your elbow so that the arm cannot be bent

Try the above procedures a few times until you are familiar with it.

Got it?

Get a volunteer. Do a “before” and “after” test. Give the volunteer a punch “before” you learn the procedures above.

After you made a few attempts at learning or give yourself half an hour to go through it. Then try an “after” test and see how it goes.

As usual, post your feedback to the BojiLite Learning Group on Facebook. If you want comments on your peformance post a video of you attempting the test.


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