BojiLite Module 2, Lesson 1

In the BojiLite Module 2 post information on how to form the fist was introduced. For the practice of the first strike in BojiLite, which is the Yum Chui, we shall use the horizontal fist.

The video below shows how to form the fist :-

In Pok Khek Kuen we say that an inch longer, an inch stronger to justify why we strike at the long range. However, there are times when we are forced to strike at a shorter range.

When our fist has a shorter distance to travel the momentum will be reduced. To compensate for the short fall we concentrate the force into the smallest area possible. Think of it as being hit by a high heel shoe. Read the article below on the pressure exerted by high heels :-


At the end of the video above you can see a demo on how the power is concentrated even though a flat fist is used.

A test punch was performed earlier. You can see the result below showing a single dent :-

Pressure 1

Then the second test punch was carried out. Again you can see a prominent dent on the cardboard box :-

Pressure 2

The test was performed from a short distance (I didn’t measure how much) and with the use of forearm strength (rather than entire body) as I was sitting on the floor.

If you hit your opponent with concentrated force it is like hitting him with a phoenix-eye fist. We use this type of striking in our Tai Chi push hands practice so even though we tap lightly most of the time it still hurts.

End of Module 2, Lesson 1.



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