BojiLite Module 1, Lesson 2

Have you fixed the center of your own body into your mind? If you have not then go back to the Module 1, Lesson 1 here. If you have then read on.

The next exercise is simple. It is called in-situ body turning, that is, to turn your body while standing in the same spot.

The purpose of this exercise is to learn how to turn to face the opponent properly. To do this you would be required to apply the proper facing – refer to III) Theory of facing in the Boji-Lite Module 1 post.

We will break down the learning into a few learning components, taking a few small bites instead of a huge bite. There is nothing to stop you from diving straight into it and practicing the entire movement we intend to learn for application right away.

However, if at a later stage you find that you have a problem applying the body turning then the root cause will probably lie in a minor learning component that you failed to pay attention to or maybe even missed when you learn too many steps at the same time.

Exercise No. 1
i) Stand in basic posture


ii) Fix the image below in your mind. If you can get a training partner to extend and hold his right arm in position for you that would be better.


iii) Now with feet still parallel just turn to your left until your shoulder is properly aligned to your training partner’s fixed right arm.


iv) Practiced this at a slow pace for 50 times. Aim for precision. Only try the turning at a fast pace after you have attained the required precision

Exercise No. 2
After you have practiced turning to your left repeat the same but this time turn to your right. Do it for 50 times. You can use the same image of opponent with right straight punch as we are only using the arm to act as a single reference.


Practice this exercise every day until you can do it precisely even when turning fast. Below is a clip showing Exercise No. 1 and No. 2 :-


Exercise No. 3
For the third exercise it would be ideal if you can get a training partner to assist you. If you cannot get a partner then you can use your imagination instead.

You are going to do the same exercise as Exercise 1. The only difference is that instead of your training partner extending his arm for you to turn your body against now your training partner will extend his arm to punch you. Get your partner to punch at a pace that you are comfortable with.

Variation 1
i) Your partner throws his right punch.

ii) You turn your body to your left to align it to your right shoulder to evade the punch

iii) Repeat for 50 times

iv) Thereafter, repeat the exercise but this time your training partner throws a left punch

Variation 2
Now do Variation 1 again except this time your training partner will first throw a right punch, then left punch, right punch, and so on while you offer the correct response.

Variation 3
Assuming that you are now familiar and has acquired a degree of mastery in turning your body try doing Variation 2 except now your training partner will throw punches at random. See if you can recognize which punch is coming quickly and offer the correct response.

End of Module 1, Lesson 2.


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