BojiLite Module 1, Lesson 1

The first thing to learn in BojiLite is how to stand in the basic posture. This is important.


The reason is because when an opponent attacks you the techniques will either travel to you in a straight line or via curved line to the center of your body where the vital targets are.

Knowing where your center is and fixing it in your mind is also essential to learning how to step out of the way of an attack just right instead of moving too much.

So the first learning exercise is to sit in the Basic Posture. After you have fixed your posture just stand there for a moment. Calm your mind and compose yourself.


Then in your mind imagine that an opponent is going to throw a straight right punch at your chin.


That’s it. We don’t have to imagine the opponent throwing a straight left punch for now.

End of Module 1, Lesson 1.


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