Of Snake & Crane

The snake and the crane. Two animals that take prominence in Wing Chun more than other animals.

When I wrote the eBook “2-Dots : Six Learning Steps for Mastering Wing Chun’s Kicking Model” years ago I made this video to give an idea of what the flavor of snake and crane might look and feel like.

I just pulled something out of the air, a sequence from a form that the late Master Yeong taught. The idea was not to try to demonstrate a style or a form but to convey across the imagery of how a crane might flap its wings to fight the snake, or rake the the snake with its claws, and on the flip side how a snake may coil in counter and then dart forward to attack.

What you will not see is the entire body twisting, the waist turning excessively or the hips moving about to try to put across the idea of being internal. What I have learned from different teachers of different Wing Chun styles is that the “internal” (damn, its that polarizing word again) is inside, in the “Nim Tao”.

So when you see the body barely moving, absence of waist turning or coily, soft, undulating body twisting movements the impression is that it is not powerful…….

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