Of Snake & Crane 4

Continuing from the previous post……

Hold on, hold on ……… here is something that does not make sense. If the balance is on the rear leg then how does one generate power?

Good question. Again this is a matter of skill, of kung fu.

In this specific lineage of Ip Man there is an interesting body control that I learned. They do not call it the use of dantian but they could, and they should because it awfully looks a lot like it. Take a look and see – observe the undulation…….

This is the key mechanism in generating power. This also happens to be very difficult to learn. Took me a few months to nail it down. I know of some who still could not get it after a few years learning.

Which leads me to the next secret of learning kung fu, actually it is not a secret but it might well be since many of us know it but do not observe it. The secret is patience.

You need to have the patience of a monk, the persistence of a fighting pitbull, to learn kung fu. Otherwise, you will be a bloody fool to want to learn such a difficult art.

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