Of Snake & Crane 3

Continuing from the previous post……

A crane is frequently shown as standing upright on one leg. A crane moves in a nicely balanced, upright manner.

Thus, it is that when we practice Chum Kiu the form that introduced stepping we should observe the flavor of stepping and moving like a crane.

What this means is that we move in a unified and balanced manner whilst keeping our balance on one leg. This may feel awkward to many and it should because it is not natural, at least not at first, not without much effort and practice sweat.

But then this is my take – kung fu is about the skill of controlling your body. So it is in Wing Chun the skill of the crane involves the control of balance on a single leg while moving about.

It should be practiced and mastered till the body can move as a unit without swaying about, and more importantly without telegraphing your intention to move. As shown, this means you can move, stop then suddenly unleash a kick.

As you can see it is not an impossible skill to master. One merely has to know the trick to doing it and then keep on practicing.

One outstanding benefit of this skill is the ability to kick without telegraphing. By now you should be able to guess that I got this knowledge from this lineage of Ip Man that specialized in kicking, a technical expertise that Ip Man particularly excelled in.

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