New Folder

You might notice there is a new folder called MyWingChun.

The contents came about because I feel that as Wing Chun becomes more and more popular the characteristics that define Wing Chun become lesser known. Even though I still see recognizable techniques, however, the flavor of what Wing Chun was in earlier times has changed.

Today I see people throwing all sorts of things in the art and calling it Wing Chun. I mean, sure why not, but only if it is still recognizable as Wing Chun. I recently saw a video containing a mashup of Wing Chun, Tai Chi and something else.

If the demonstrator had not described what he was doing I would be hard pressed to tell what it really was. I saw some movements that looked like something out of a Chen style Tai Chi form but I couldn’t see anything resembling Wing Chun.

However, the demonstrator wrote that the movements came from Yang style Tai Chi and it might be so but it certainly is not like 99% of the Tai Chi out there. It was good that the style was mentioned because knowing which lineage it was helped to understand what was going on. I did remember seeing clips from masters of this Tai Chi lineage but though outwardly it looked similarly there was something different which I can’t put a finger to it unless I go and have a look at the clips of the masters.

The point is every style has an advanced level within it. If you had learned the style properly you won’t need to look outside for knowledge for a long time. However, if you are an impatient learner then it stands to reason why you want to shop around, thinking it will accelerate your learning. Sometimes it will help but mostly it won’t.

The reason is you need a solid background in basics of movements to be able to use outside information. If you are still feeling your way around then you are better served concentrating on your basics until you get them right.

The information in MyWingChun is for those who want to learn Wing Chun that is rooted in the principles and traditional maxims, rather than the diluted stuff or mishmash of styles that is passed off today as the authentic stuff. It is not a how to shop for Wing Chun guide nor a listing of what is authentic and traditional. It merely gives you something to think about and hopefully make you more discriminating when looking for a school to learn from.





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