Make a Guess 2

Have you made your guess?

The answer is 17 years.

If your intention is to learn Tai Chi for recreational fun or a spot of exercise I suppose you can accept this standard of performance.

However, if you are learning Tai Chi for combat purposes then 17 years is a long time to only come this far. I suppose some people do not have high expectations.

Granted, she has a certain softness and flow in her movements but that’s about all I can see.

I understand that she is a Yang style practitioner though. I find it interesting that after 17 years she has not fixed a glaring body structure problem.

Though her turning seems coordinate, if you look carefully you can see it start to break down the moment her training partner speeds up the hand movements.

There’s also residual resistance in her upper arm making her prone to being unbalanced everytime her partner tries to collapse her arm.

Towards the end of the clip she gets pulled off balance. This is a problem related to what I mentioned earlier about body structure problem.

There are quite a few other things that I see with the movements of her circling hands. I won’t try to analyse them all but one glaring one is that her hands do not seem to have been imbued with the movements of whatever form she learned.

As such, her hands seem to know only how to stick and circle but not so much to change in accordance to her partner’s change which is why she got caught out when after she pushed and he neutralized, she did not follow up or take preemptive measures and ended up having her push used against her.

In conclusion, I have to say that watching this clip has been educational. Remember – improvement is not just knowing what to do but also knowing what not to do.


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