Fun with Analysis

Found a post on an FB forum. It is generally a good post but there are some inconsistent and problem areas. Can you spot what it is?

Disclaimer – I had a similar understanding last time so I can see where the flaws in the argument is.

If you understand biomechanics and internal methods then explaining the flaws in reasoning is a walk in the park. If you are still groping around in the dark then this is an opportunity to check your understanding, whether you agree or disagree or maybe a bit of both.

Read on :-

One of the first wing chun proverbs says:

“Power comes from the ground, a punch comes from the heart”

Lets take a close look at the first part: “power comes from the ground”

To be able to draw power from the ground one must have found the channels inside his body for power to travel back and forewards to and from the ground.

If one doesnt have this feature then their wing chun is lacking a crucial element. It’s part of being song or loose.

Once one has found the pathways inside their body that connect all parts, then one can let force flow freely through the body.

This is simply kinetic energy and its directed by the mind, maybe or maybe not.. After a while you might notice another energy traveling through the body.


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