Form & Application Example

Learning how to use the movements in the form is part and parcel of learning Tai Chi.

Below is an example :-

The technique used here is Ward-Off transitioning to Rollback. Most of the time when we learn Ward-Off and Rollback we consider them as two separate techniques.

However, as can be seen in this example if we consider Ward-Off, Ward-Off transitioning to Rollback and Rollback as a flow sequence the application can come out differently.

First, we have the entering. At this point the technique can be a straightforward attack. Or perhaps some of us would like to do a bounce out attack instead. Or it becomes the setup of another technique as in this example.

Then we spin the opponent. At this point different possibilities emerge……….

As tempted as we are we stay on course and apply Rollback to get this particular result.


1 thought on “Form & Application Example

  1. I love the GST2-VII-III application right around 0:27. This is the kind of simple stuff I can wrap my head around (while knowing it takes practice, timing, yin & yang, etc.).

    Thanks for this great series of video clips for the fundamentals wardoff and rollback.


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