Dance the Night Away

At the end of a night in 2012, at the end of a sweaty training session, at the end of our strength’s use, we practiced free dance.

We started slowly before moving faster, changing tempo now and then, but always turning round and round like a top in spin.

What style be it is the question – some see baguazhang, some see Aikido, some see Vietnamese Wing Chun, some see Tai Chi’s 9-palace stepping, others see what they want to see.

Whatever it may be it is at the end of the day the principles of turning and translation at work to teach us how to use turning and stepping to absorb, neutralize and position.

P.S. – in Tai Chi the principles of this type of free stepping and turning is taught within our straight sword form. How to turn, how to step, how to free your body up to turn quickly and effortlessly whilst defending and attacking is taught within the applications of the straight sword.


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