Rubber Push Hands

A clip from 2012. Most of the time when I do push hands I minimize my body movement so that its difficult for an opponent to read me.

However, we do train the movement of our body. One example is shown in this clip below :-

In this type of practice we have to let the tension go, not completely, but enough to allow us to be like a rubber band that can absorb, neutralize and return the opponent’s strength.

Its not a confrontational type of push hands. Neither is it a collapsible, tofu-like type of push hands. Its should feel like you are a bit drunk, not enough to be pushed over, but not enough to fight back hard, just in a drunken state of mind to be pushed, not resisting hard, yet not going completely soft.

It can be a fun practice as the person doing the pushing can help the person being pushed to improve. Remember to ALLOW, OKAY and ENJOY the pushing. If you don’t know what I am talking about refer to this post.


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