To Be Soft 3

Did you manage to dance the push hands?

Yes? No?

I shouldn’t be surprised if you still can’t do it. To get you started you need three important key words :-

a) Allow

b) Okay

c) Enjoy

What the key words mean are :-

a) You have to ALLOW yourself to be pushed

b) Tell yourself its OKAY to be pushed; its just training

c) And tell yourself to ENJOY being pushed

Here’s a few more dance, I mean push hands, sequences :-

ALLOW at 0:09 – observe how my friend leaned in and I let him; however, I put up a guard to protect against a potential shoulder stroke. Then I allowed him to move me

OKAY at 0:21 – I let my friend pushed my right hand up. By accepting his push I allowed him to open himself up. Again at 0:26 it was okay for him to push me back and I let the momentum of the return movement to bump him

ENJOY – watch the video below to see how enjoyable it can to accept my friend’s push and let his kinetic energy spin me round and round like a top


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