Good Principles

It started with a video that was posted on a Facebook forum for Wing Chun. The video showed a Ip Man style Wing Chun master accepting challenges from people who attended his seminar in Vietnam (if you want to see it go to my post of 3 Jan 2018 here).

This is a refreshing video and I had expected to see a good display of skill from the master. But I have to admit – I looked and looked, and squinted my eyes but try as I might I didn’t see the skills I expected to see.

Anyway, if you want to have an idea of what good Wing Chun skills look like take a peek at the video below :-

Viewers who saw this video said that it was taken at the snake style Wing Chun school in Foshan circa 1999. The person showing the good skills is Master Tran who is a Vietnam Wing Chun practitioner. I showed this video to my student and he could see what I mean about good principles.

However, the video is not as exciting because Master Tran was playing defensive. This is understandable as he was a visitor and protocols have to be observed.

I also showed my student another video. This video is of a well known Wing Chun master. I wanted my student to see that good principles are good principles and what we do can also be seen elsewhere.

Since there are lots of techniques at play here my student naturally liked this video more. However, my point is that good application is conditional on good basics so to me the first video is actually more important to anyone wanting to pick up the soft skills of Wing Chun.

The second video can be thought of as an illustration of the fundamental principles seen in the first video. Principles similar to this are what we practice in our Tai Chi push hands.


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