RIP Master David Chik Ching Chuen

I just read on Facebook that Master David Chik Ching Chuen has passed away today.

According to my Pok Khek Kuen senior Grandmaster Nip Chee Fei gave his disciples nicknames. I never found out what nickname Grandmaster Nip gave to Master Leong (he is disciple number two).

However, I heard that the 3rd disciple is known as Flying Heavenly Rat (飞天老鼠) and he was famous back then as he had won a full-contact tournament. One of my schoolmates learned from someone who had learned from Flying Heavenly Rat.

One day I received a friend request on Facebook from Master David Chik. After looking through his photos then I realized that he is the famous Flying Heavenly Rat. I thought that one day when I go to Kuala Lumpur I will pay a visit to him but unfortunately this day will never come.


Rest in peace Sisuk David. May you be reunited with Grandmaster Nip in pugilistic heaven.

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