Popular Killed the Martial

How popular is Wing Chun nowadays?

You know an art form is popular when it is turned into some sort of fitness exercise complete with thumping music.


While it looks fun and sexy, I would caution those who want to take this and similar manifestations up under the impression that it is a practical combat art.

When proper basics go out the window a combat art is no longer combative. An uninformed person might not know the difference and perceive this as cool and right but it simply ain’t so.

We know that Wing Chun was once a secretive, closed door art. We thought that with Ip Man teaching to the public its knowledge had come to the fore. This isn’t true.

Much of the information about the true art is still not widely known. Of those that are known many are misinterpreted. How do we know this? Just go to any Wing Chun forums and read the questions posed.

99% of the questions are so basic it is not funny any more they are even asked. Unfortunately, this is the case when information is not clear and incomplete. If you have enough, proper and clear information such questions would rarely arise. I know cause I’ve been there.

A good model is one that allows you to look at something, examine it and have a good answer. It would also allow you to analyse something and decide for yourself if its makes sense and viable to pursue its practice.

What I write here applies not just to Wing Chun but any art that you learn, be it martial arts or even fine arts.


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