Fast Chess

Found this video whilst looking for material for Boji-Lite. It feels like yesterday but this video is already 4 years old.

Most of the time when we do training we take things slow because the focus is on getting things correct.

However, sometimes we have to train faster, add some pressure and resistance and not stick to a script.

One way to try this is by playing hands faster, like a game of fast chess, except without any rules. No, there is a rule – protect yourself and try not to get hit by a direct blow.

By playing hands faster we are forced to focus on flow. But you cannot flow if you think too hard. This happens if you are not familiar with your hands, a result of not training forms enough.

If you are familiar with your forms your hands will take on a mind of their own, allowing you to flow seamlessly.

If you are hesitant and get stuck it is due to unfamiliarity and fixation from resisting unnecessarily. This leads to bad timing, uncontrolled response and wrong use of strength.

Our hands then become confused, making us hesitant and we start to react unintelligently, making it impossible to use any of the techniques we have learned.

By flowing we learn to be like waves – rising, crashing, suppressing then ebbing out only to come in again and again relentlessly. This video is an example of this idea in play.


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