Boji-Lite Module 7

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Now that you have learned about Yum Chui, Sao Chui and Chau Chui you can enhance your skills by using hand pad and other training aids.

a) Use of hand pad to refine biomechanics in-situ
You can get a training partner to hold a hand pad for you to work your strikes against while standing in the same spot.

Pay attention to good form and balance. Articulate the body mechanics correctly each time.handpad

Begin slowly before increasing the speed of your strikes. Watch out for bad habits such as excessive leaning and turning the body too much.

Your training partner can also help to spot your mistakes and provide feedback.

b) Use of hand pad to train accuracy whilst stepping
This is similar to (a) except your training partner will need to move as you are stepping.

c) Use of other training aids to enhance solo training
You can also use other training equipment when you do not have a training partner as shown below :-

i) Punch ball
I actually like the punch ball because you can use it to practice Yum Chui, Sao Chui and Chau Chui.

I have not come across one that is made for adults. The one I saw at Decathlon (shown below) is for children which means that its short and too light for a Sao Chui strike.


I actually tried a Sao Chui on it to test its suitability. One strike and the entire punch bag moved.

But if you are a short person and prefer to train light strikes, focusing on linking the strikes in a continuous manner then the punch ball is a good choice.

ii) Free standing punching bag
The free standing bag would allow you room to move around it while practicing your strikes.


If you were to practice the more advanced skills like delivering Sao Chui continously while moving in a circle this would be perfect.

iii) Punching bag on stand
The stand allows you to hit the punching bag hard without fear of it moving or falling over. A great tool if your focus is on delivering hard strikes one after another.



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