Boji-Lite Module 6

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a) Introduction to Chau Chui
Chau Chui which is a type of hooking punch. The Chau Chui can be used at a longer or shorter range depending on application.

b) Power in Chau Chui
The power in Chau Chui comes from torquing of the hips combined with a forceful upwards digging in motion of the fist on impact. The video below shows how to move the body and arm to generate a penetrating force :-

Points to note :-

i) Find the functional distance
ii) Test your striking arm’s range
iii) Define the arm’s movement arc
iv) Check body turning
v) Place your intent behind the opponent’s body

c) Chau Chui in-situ
Below is a video showing how Chau Chui is performed :-

i) Stand in Leung Yi Ma
ii) The striking arm is held behind your body while the leading arm is held in a backfist posture
iii) As you turn your body perform Chau Chui by moving your striking arm in an upward moving arc

d) Chau Chui with stepping
To perform Chau Chui with Leung Yi Bo simply execute the strike as you step out along the diagonal line.

e) Basic partner practice
A simple partner practice calls for the partner to act as a dummy by offering his arm for you to drill against.

i) To begin the practice use a backfist against the live dummy’s right arm. The purpose of this movement is to clear the way

ii) Follow up with a Chau Chui to the opponent’s ribs once the way is cleared

iii) To end the technique use your left hand to detain the opponent’s arm whilst delivering a Sao Chui to the opponent’s head


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