Boji-Lite Module 12

Click on the page for BojiLite for background information.

In this module we examine the topics of defenses, targets and counter-attacks within the constraints of the three strikes and one footwork that is covered in Boji-Lite.

a) Defenses
There are a few approaches we can take to the question of defense. Here we are looking at it from the basic perspective of how to use defense as a means to deliver our strikes rather than how to defend against specific strikes or attacks. Remember the objective is to learn how to use the three strikes and one footwork?

For the purpose of defense we can use the following means :-

i) Block & punch
This is the easiest and instinctive method in that when you see a strike coming your way you block it. In this example, I use my left forearm to block the opponent’s straight punch before delivering my own.

ii) Turn & punch
The second method of defense is more difficult for a beginner to use. This is because it requires you to step laterally before quickly turning your body out of the way of the opponent’s strike. Refer to the video below 0:00 – 0:05.

iii) Step & punch


iv) Smash & punch


b) Targets
There are many targets that can be struck on the human body. For the purpose of learning how to use the three strikes I have reduced the number of targets to three as listed below :-

i) Solar plexus (Yum Chui)
ii) Neck (Sao Chui)
iii) Liver (Chau Chui)

The abridged chart below shows the target areas. At the lower right hand corner you can see what the full chart looks like.


Obviously, even with three strikes there are more than three targets we can hit. However, to keep the learning simple and to simplify our decision making process three targets is a good number.

So learn to be able to hit them accurately and with a good forceful tap when you have the openings except for the neck target where you should just tap lightly. Avoid hitting fast until you can control your power as you don’t want to cause injury.






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