Holiday Intensive

It came out of the blue. It was the last thing I expected to hear.

But there it was, my student saying that he intends to spend more time training at home during his holiday. It is good news because it signaled a commitment to learn.

I gave him some ideas on what he could work on and how he could improve his skills. I have been waiting for him to improve so that I can complete teaching him the form that he has been learning for a few years. I know I am a stickler for details when it comes to teaching Tai Chi.

The thing about improvement is that there is no magic formula. It depends on the individual and how badly he / she wants it. Learning is not linear, it rarely is. This is why it is difficult to pick up refined skills in a group class.

Learning a skill is like sharpening a sword. Slow and easy. Day by day. Learning can be slow in the beginning until you hit your stride. The important thing is not to give up.

I do understand that today it is difficult to teach traditional arts to today’s students because they want fast results and they need it to be relevant. The truth is not all arts need a long time to learn. However, mastery is a matter of how much time you are willing to put in. If you put in more time you will certainly get somewhere.

Sometimes we look at traditional arts as irrelevant but a punch is a punch, and many solutions to the question of handling violence can be found in the traditional arts. You may think the arts are archaic but that is only when you do not look far and deep enough.

This means that you need to spend time thinking and analyzing whatever art you choose to learn in addition to putting in the time to practice as much as possible. I used this post as the basis to see if it is possible to put together a short, intensive training program.

My criteria for this training course which I dubbed BojiLite are as follows :–

i) Compact syllabus that can be learned quickly

ii) Techniques that are easy to pick up

iii) Movements should natural, intuitive and logical

iv) Improvement in skill within a few months

v) Learn less to master more


If you have the time over the year end holiday season give it a try. Currently, it is a work in progress as it is something I do for a hobby.

I have already written the first module which should be simple to learn and practice. Remember not to move without knowing why you are moving. Know the reason, practice it, revisit the reason, practice again and your understanding will be physically instead of intellectual. Have fun.


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