Boji-Lite Module 2

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I) Forming the fist
The fist is one of the primary weapons in Pok Khek Kuen. To form a fist follow the procedures below :-
a) Open up your hand with fingers spread out
b) Curl the four fingers tightly against the palm
c) Place the tip of the thumb firmly against the side of the index finger – the end result is shown below :-



II) Primary arm configuration for linear strikes
In Pok Khek Kuen the punching arm for linear strikes must be held straight out to maximize striking range and allow for the principle of “an inch longer, an inch stronger” to be put into play.



III) Introduction to Yum Chui
Yum Chui is the first strike we learn in Pok Khek Kuen. It is a linear punch performed with a horizontal fist.


IV) Power in Yum Chui
A properly performed Yum Chui should be swift, sure and powerful like an arrow. The biomechanics for a powerful Yum Chui is shown below :-


V) Yum Chui in-situ (form, power and linking)
The learning of Yum Chui begins by learning how to perform it while standing in one spot. For this purpose we can divide the learning into three levels. The basic form for Yum Chui performed in-situ is shown below :-

Level 1 – how to perform Yum Chui
a) Stand in Leung Yi Ma with body turned to the left, right arm outstretched with horizontal fist
b) Turn your body to the right and punch out with your left fist
c) Repeat with right fist and so on

Level 2 – punching with power
The easiest power to work on is arm power. Later you can add to this basic power by coordinating it with your waist turning and stance changing.
a) Perform Yum Chui as outlined above
b) Now as you deliver the punch stretch your arm out so that your wrist, elbow and shoulder are aligned in a straight line. This will ensure that you release all the power in your arm out through your fist into the target

Level 3 – punching consecutively
At this level you learn how to deliver three Yum Chui one after another. Begin your practice with the right Yum Chui, followed by the left Yum Chui and ending with right Yum Chui. Repeat with left, right, left Yum Chui.

As before work on being familiar with the sequence before moving on to doing it quickly. Thereafter, you can work on getting the power mechanics correct.


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